Becoming One With Life
Anonymous: heems I don't want to live anymore but I don't want to upset my family I don't know what to do what should I do and it's not even down to depression because I take Prozac for that it's just I don't want to grow up and have to get a crappy job and just constantly disappoint people I don't know


Im sad too. About thirty minutes ago I wondered how I would go on. I asked myself if I even want to go on. We live in an unjust world. I get very lonely. I am extremely self-destructive. I cant do so many little things that I must to survive. I want to hide from the world. I want to sleep. So i guess, youre not alone. Life is tough. Although you mention you have a family who you care for. Thats a good thing. Youre fortunate. Go on for them. Go on for you too.

"In this love you are like a knife with which I explore myself."
— Franz Kafka, Letters To Milena (via plizm)

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"I try to remember that people aren’t coming from a shitty place normally, they just don’t know how to communicate to me in a way that won’t make me feel cynical and hate them."
Hannibal Buress
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Is GPOYW still a thing?

Is GPOYW still a thing?

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This makes me happy.

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"[B]ut like for instance where do you look with your eyes when you tell somebody you like them and mean what you say? You can’t look right at them, because then what if their eyes look at you as your eyes look at them and you lock eyes as you’re saying it, and then there’d be some awful like voltage or energy there, hanging between you. But you can’t look away like you’re nervous, like some nervous kid asking for a date or something. You can’t go around giving that kind of thing of yourself away."
Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
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As long as I can sit and reminisce about it over a beer, the past does not hold me hostage.

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"[?] made three seasons:
and winter and autumn third
and fourth spring when
blooming happens but enough
to eat
is not."
— Alkman
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new peaceful solutions thing. throwaway victor still better than any other rapper.

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10:57 AM: The KKK heard the last show on the air and emailed to complain about our oppression of white people. Fortunately no threats.

On Monday, I was invited to record a podcast with an old friend. I’ve been invited before and I expect (and hope) I will be invited again; our podcasting styles seem well suited for one another and usually generate thoughtful discourse about politics and/or current events. The audience isn’t huge and I didn’t expect anyone would be particularly impassioned about what we had to say yet there’s a forwarded email in my inbox that begins “Here are several points relating to your hostile attitude toward Aryan-Americans:”

The segment in question is probably this one (I’m the third person to speak starting at 5:07. I’m aware I get a little shrill near the end; I need to work on my radio voice).

I don’t feel the need to include the email itself because, regardless of how hilariously tone deaf and ignorant it is, it’s also racist and repulsively stupid. 

It’s comforting to be able to joke about this complaint; the Klu Klux Klan is a shadow of its former self and neither I, nor anyone else associated with the podcast fears for our safety. That said, the three voices on this week’s podcast are exclusively heterosexual, white, and male. Even historically, people like us have rarely needed to fear the Klan. Were we not all straight, white, men, I question how comedic we would find this situation.

Despite its attempt to rebrand itself as a “white rights”/”white pride” movement, the KKK has a long history of violence and intimidation against people of color and the LGBT community. A KKK complaint against either of these groups inherently carries an undertone of intimidation and the threat of violence. If the very same email arrived in the inbox of one of my friends who is not straight and white and male, I would tell them to report it to the police.

It is white privilege that I can find humor in this and I would be wise to not forget it.

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